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Wedding Photography in Cowbridge and the Vale of Glamorgan.

You just can’t beat “Candid”.  There’s something very special about a picture capturing a natural smile, a spontaneous laugh or tears of joy that a staged photograph just can’t manage.


"Candid"....  that’s my style in a nutshell!

I’m constantly anticipating reactions and have developed a second sense when it comes to clicking those split second, fleeting moments.


The focus of my approach has always been about capturing natural images, without direction or influence.  Weddings are filled with a wide range of emotions and interactions throughout the day that provide an endless source of opportunity... these are moments that go unnoticed by most, but can often be the most powerful.

When all is said and done I want you to look back at your Wedding photographs in years to come, and think "that's exactly how I remember my awesome day!"

'Mark is a fantastic photographer, who adapted to our requests and gave us some incredible photos that we will treasure for the rest of our lives, we can't thank him enough'


Rose and Neil Vennard

Nash Point Lighthouse

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