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Mark Bradwick Photographer

It is over 30 years since my journey into photography began and I count myself very fortunate to be in such an enjoyable and creative industry capturing weddings, family portraiture and commercial imagery.

I started my photography business in 1991 having studied industrial and commercial photography at Blackpool and Fylde for three years.  I quickly gained a reputation for producing colourful, dynamic imagery in annual reports and company brochures.

Commercial clients soon started to ask if I would photograph their wedding and so my passage to wedding photography quickly began. 

Even during the initial outings as a wedding photographer I would capture hundreds of candid and spontaneous images by going through roll after roll of 35mm film.  These have always been the most powerful images of a wedding day, capturing brief, fleeting moments and when viewed collectively, provide a natural and complete story. 

The ability to tell compelling and natural stories with images is what I love about photography.

My hobby...I am also a keen if not obsessed musician and love playing guitar and recording music in my project studio.  I suppose it’s the creative in me.  I play in several cover bands and you can often find me out watching live music or gigging.

My Leisure time... I love the daily routine of walking with my Jack Russel, Harvey.  He's full of beans and a fantastic character.  How do you fit so much chaos in such a small package?

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