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Passport and Visa Photography

 UK Passport  |  UK Driving License  |  American Passport & Visa  |  Canadian Passport & Visa  |  Irish Passport  |  Polish  | Dutch  | French  |  Spanish

Due to new UK passport and driving license legislation we all need to adhere to strict guidelines to avoid having photographs returned and passport applications refused.

I provide you a professionally lit head shot which is sized and printed to specified guidelines and ready in 10-15 minutes.

I am a specialist in baby passport photography as well as younger children.

(Both of which can be quite a challenge in the photo booths!)

Digital Passport Photo Codes

ID Photo Codes are now used to guarantee acceptance by Her Majesty's Passport Office when applying online.

You no longer have to pay the post office a fee of £20 to check your photograph before submission as your images are pre approved.

Once the portrait is complete I send an email containing your unique ID code.

Enter your code into your online UK passport application and that's it.

Photo Code.jpg


Digital photo code passport photograph £20.


You can opt for printed versions ordered at the same time for an additional fee of £10.

All coded portraits are professionally lit with studio lighting and will include a unique code to apply online with a guaranteed acceptance from Her Majesty's Passport Office.

IDPC photo code compliant.jpg

I am an IDPC compliant passport photographer


I also offer printed visa and passport photographs for any country including but not limited to; UK, Ireland, America, India, France, Holland, Poland and Canada.


I can provide ID photographs for commercial and corporate clients where I will be happy to travel and set a studio at your premises.  I can organise Lanyard and ID cards with company branding as an added service.


Passport and Visa sittings are by appointment only. 

To book your passport photograph please contact me by email or phone to book a convenient time slot.

UK Passport Photograph

UK Passport £15

American Visa Photograph

American Visa £25

Indian Visa.jpg

Indian Visa £25


UK Baby Passport £15


Canadian Visa £45

irish passport.jpg

Irish £15

Uk Driving License photograph

Drivers License £15

Dutch Passport.jpg

Dutch Passport £15


Polish Visa £15

Passport Contact Form

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